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Mar 6/2016

This Weekend ...
It’s as if the younger son can’t wait for his father’s death so that he could get his hands on some money. Level heads would tell the father not to be a foolish old man by wasting hard-earned money on a son like that!
But there’s no stopping this father. He’s going to risk his property and rep-utation on his irresponsible son and, as things go, the young son eventually realizes his mis-takes and returns home. Surprisingly, the fa-ther puts all dignity aside and rushes out to welcome his son home, not even waiting for his son to beg forgiveness.
God could be ‘accused’ of a similar foolish risk as he takes a big chance on us by gener-ously giving us our faith, talents, other people and the created world. We do tend to go off on our own forgetting our connection to God and focusing more on what we have been giv-en and less on gratitude to the Giver, using and spending as if all we are given is just for our own personal use.
Some of us have made the "big trip" away from God. Others have been diligent and ob-servant but perhaps not appreciative of what they already have. Whatever our reasons, the doors are opened to us to God’s banquet now.
There’s no limit to God’s mercy and for-giveness. We come together to celebrate our wondrous and foolish God’s love for us—all of us—no matter if we’re just now returning or if we’ve always been here for we do indeed dwell in a "house of gratitude"!
—D. Walleyn

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God always forgives sin if one asks in a spirit of humility and repentance. Forgiveness is unconditional and absolute. But complete heal-ing takes time. With serious sin or with bad habits formed over the years, you’ll also need to develop a kind of therapeutic care plan to let the healing and strengthening hap-pen.
Simply saying “I’m sorry” or making a “resolution” to change a long estab-lished pattern simply won’t do it. It’s like wishing a sprained ankle would heal while still walking on it. It doesn’t make sense. It just won’t happen.
Lent’s a great time to name what sinful, un-healthy, self-centered patterns need changing in your life and to act against them in positive and effective ways.
If you’re aware of an undesirable pattern or hab-it in your life, you can decide to “just stop doing it.” But, you’ve also got to work on a “change of heart” and think about the circumstances, atti-tudes and other behaviors which contribute to the pattern. If you’ve been self-indulgent with food, sex, material possessions, attention-seeking be-haviors and don’t ask yourself: “what’s missing in me that I need to fill it with this?”, then simply trying to stop won’t last very long.
The truth is that your soul needs “medicine” and the practice of Penance if healing is to really take place. 10 out of 10 priests recommend it! It’s the only truly effective and lasting remedy.—

—Fr. John

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The Sunday bulletin - Mar 6/2016 is now posted - have a look

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Corpus Christi Weekly Mass

Now in addition to Sunday Mass at 11:00 Am every sunday Father John McKenzie has added a weekly Mass every Wednesday at 6:30 PM
All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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